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First iOS 15 Jailbreak Announced

The adoption of iOS 15 is on the rise, and this has prompted growing interest from the developers who are part of the jailbreak community.

While many believe that the days of jailbreaking iPhones are long gone, they certainly aren’t, as jailbreaking an Apple device continues to be the only way to experience the full power of the smartphone without the company’s limitations.

Jailbreak tools have been around for a long time, but in the last few years, they have only been available for older versions of iOS.

Now it looks like the debut of the very first iOS 15 jailbreak tool is only a matter of time, as Odyssey Team, a group known for its releases in the jailbreak world, has announced a new project called Cheyote.

No release information just yet

As it turns out, Cheyote will be the very first iOS 15 jailbreak solution, with the developers aiming to offer support for most versions up to 15.4.1.

“The jailbreak itself is making good progress, and we … (read more)

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