Firefox Remains the Only Worthy Alternative to Chromium Browsers

It’s not a secret Firefox has more or less remained all alone in the fight against the army of Chromium browsers out there, and despite falling on third place in terms of browser market share, every single update brings more and more improvements for the supported platforms.

It’s not a secret that Mozilla hasn’t been very excited with Microsoft giving up on EdgeHTML and embracing Chromium, the engine that also powers Google Chrome.

“Microsoft is officially giving up on an independent shared platform for the internet. By adopting Chromium, Microsoft hands over control of even more of online life to Google,” Mozilla’s Chris Beard said in December 2018, shortly after Microsoft announced its transition to the Chromium engine.

“Will Microsoft’s decision make it harder for Firefox to prosper? It could. Making Google more powerful is risky on many fronts. And a big part of the answer depends on what the web developers and businesses who create services and websites do. I… (read more)

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