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Firefox 101 Now Available for Download

Mozilla has just released a new version of Firefox browsers, and users on all supported desktop platforms can download it right now.

An official announcement on what’s new in this update is yet to be released, but on the other hand, based on the existing beta and nightly builds that Mozilla has released before, we can already know what to expect.

Without a doubt, the biggest change in this update is the comeback of the traditional download experience that was removed with the introduction of Firefox 97.

At that point, Mozilla switch to what many considered a modern download approach, with users no longer seeing the dedicated prompt when downloading files from the Internet. In theory, this experience was supposed to be a lot more straightforward, with a similar system already being used in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other browsers.

But as far as Mozilla users are concerned, the new system hasn’t necessarily been received very well. And this is why Mozilla … (read more)

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