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Fire TV is coming to Echo Show 15, because for some reason it didn’t have it before

At the company’s fall launch event, Amazon today announced that the Fire TV experience will finally be coming to the Echo Show 15 because, for some reason, it didn’t have it before. Given that it’s essentially a 15-inch TV that you hang on your wall, it seems like a bit of a glaring omission. According to Amazon, over 70% of people are using it for videos, so it only makes sense for it to receive more capabilities through Fire TV.Fire TV on the Echo Show 15, showing that Lightyear is now streaming on Disney Plus

How it works is fairly simple — it’s basically just a Fire TV interface on your Echo Show. That means you can access all of your favorite streaming services that are supported as well, such as Paramount Plus and Showtime. You’ll also be able to listen to Spotify and other music streaming services that run on Fire TV, extending your Echo Show 15’s capabilities greatly.

With Alexa integration too, you can easily ask Alexa to find you a show and play it on the appropriate streaming platform. There’s a new Fire TV widget on top of that, which will show you shortcuts to recently streamed apps, recently watched content, and your personal watchlist. You can navigate entertainment options by touching the screen, using your voice, or pairing the Alexa voice remote to your Echo Show 15.

This is a free update that all device owners will get, and it expands its capabilities greatly. I still don’t really understand why this wasn’t there in the first place — after all, it is basically just a TV that you hang on a wall with a 15-inch display. Still, device owners will be happy to get a free update that gives a lot more functionality than what was already available out of the box. You can buy the Echo Show 15 in the United States for $249.99, and it’s expected that the update will roll out shortly.

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