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File Explorer Gets Lots of Fixes in the Latest Windows 11 Build

Microsoft’s most recent Windows 11 preview build comes with lots of fixes for File Explorer, the default file manager that so many users are sticking with in the operating system.

File Explorer is evolving substantially these days, and in addition to big new features, such as the support for tabs, the application is also being provided with a plethora of fixes that are first tested by Microsoft as part of the Windows Insider program.

The most recent Windows 11 preview build that landed in the Dev channel makes no exception, so File Explorer is getting plenty of fixes, all of them supposed to further polish the experience with the file manager.

One of the most important concerns the support for tabs, as Microsoft says it has managed to correct a bug that caused a crash when dragging tabs around. At the same time, it also fixed a memory leak when using tabs.

Here are the tab-related fixes that are part of the latest build:

  • Did some work to fix a memory le… (read more)

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