Field of Glory II: Medieval – Rise of the Swiss DLC – Yay or Nay

How many enemy units can one pike formation defend against while I maneuver my limited cavalry around one flank? Can I pound the other flank with my archers, or do I need an infantry envelopment? What’s the best way to use the Hussite war wagons?

Rise of the Swiss is the most recent downloadable content pack for Field of Glory II: Medieval, still developed by Byzantine Games and published by Slitherine. The game is available on the PC. The core turn-based strategy structure is unchanged, but it adds a variety of new units and a shift towards different tactics.

The name gives away the increased focus on well-drilled infantry formations, as they historically become more important on the battlefields of the Middle Ages. The focus is not just on the Swiss, but also on the Hussites and their wagon formations, the Castilians and their mix of pike and lighter infantry, the War of the Roses in England, and on battles in Scandinavia.

The DLC features eight historical battl… (read more)

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