Farming Simulator 22 Review (PS5)

We live during crazy times, and more than ever before, people out there think that giving up on their homes in crowded urban regions for a small country house is just the right way to live their lives.

The exodus from large cities is happening no matter if we want to accept it or not, but unfortunately for some of us, getting a small piece of land and living as a traditional farmer isn’t always an option.

Not IRL, at least. And this is why Farming Simulator 22 is such an interesting concept.

Giants Software’s franchise is supposed to let us digitally make this dream happen. Own your land, work to produce your food and make money, and learn a lot about how to properly take care of your crops, these are all the engines that are powering an offbeat concept that people seem to love.

Farming Simulator 22 comes with a very impressive offering, and at first glance, it’s no wonder those who want to discover agriculture, animal husbandry, and forestry are typically very k… (read more)

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