Faraday Protocol Review (PS4)

Portal unleashed the puzzle genre, proving you do not need an adventure behind the mind-bending challenges in order to be entertaining. In the last 14 years we had several games that pushed the boundaries and offered us memorable experiences like The Witness or The Talos Principle. Is the newest escape experience simulator worthy of our time or should we just rather on the Xmas dinner? 

One of the first things that attracted to me to Faraday Protocol was the art style, that is an eclectic mix of Egyptian statues and art deco borrowed from the shiny clubs of the 1920’s America. In the trailers the game looks shiny and sharp, but up close it is somewhat underwhelming due to the limited number of elements that are repeated over and over again.

This is true not only about the presentation and the visuals but also about the game mechanics. Equipped with an energy converter device, eerily similar to a laser gun from the 70’s sci-fi movies, you will become Raug Zeekon, a … (read more)

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