Far Cry 6 Preview (PC)

I had a chance to addend a Far Cry 6 remote hands-on preview event last month and got to play several hours of the next entry in the series. I found a lot of good things about the game, but also some questionable additions that I feel don’t fit the narrative.

Far Cry 6 continues to be an open-world shooter featuring a solid sandbox aspect. However, I believe that unlike the previous Far Cry games, this one tackles a more serious, darker theme that has its roots in real life.

The game is set in a fictional country called Yara, which is ruled by a ruthless dictator, Anton Castillo (Giancarlo Esposito). He’s trying to find the cure for cancer and sell it to the world in an attempt to make the lives those living in this tropical paradise better. As you can imagine, his methods are barbaric and go so far as to kill his own citizens for even the slightest misdemeanor.

In Far Cry 6, you step into the shoes of Dani Rojas (male or female), a local Yaran and military dropou… (read more)

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