Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Episode One Easter Eggs, References, And Things You Missed

Hopefully you’ve had enough time to decompress from the finale of WandaVision, because it’s time for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Episode 1 of the new MCU streaming TV show has hit Disney+ and, while it has a vastly different style and tone compared to Wanda and Vision’s sitcom magic, it’s sure to have a similarly massive impact on Marvel’s Phase 4 as things progress.

Episode 1 gives us a clear idea of what both Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson have been up to since the dust settled in the wake of Avengers: Endgame–and neither of them is having a particularly great time. Sam has been working with the Air Force again, running covert missions that require his specialized skill set while Bucky has been getting himself to therapy (finally) and trying to make amends for his past in his own way. The two of them don’t actually meet up in this episode, but that’s bound to change soon.

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