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Facebook Is Giving Up on Its Ambitious Smartwatches

While the Apple Watch is currently the number one smartwatch in the world, there’s no doubt there’s still enough room for competition.

And given the demand for smartwatches is on the rise, it makes sense for other tech giants to look at this market and look into their options when it comes to the development of such devices.

Facebook’s parent company Meta has long been looking into the smartwatch world, with the firm actually preparing several ambitious projects that were supposed to launch as killers of the Apple Watch.

While for many people this was something that sounded impossible, Meta was very committed to bringing its smartwatches to the market as soon as possible. The feature lineup was intriguing, to say the least. Two of these smartwatches, for instance, were expected to come with built-in cameras, therefore allowing for video calls without the need for a smartphone.

Goodbye, Facebook smartwatches!

And while these smartwatches do sound… (read more)

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