Facebook “Crowned” the Worst Company of the Year

Facebook has won the infamous title of the “Worst Company of the Year” in a poll conducted by Yahoo Finance, as users out there still seem to be very disappointed with the social network these days.

The Meta rebranding clearly didn’t work, and a few people believe it was an interesting idea, many more describe it as a failure to move the attention to something else.

Those who voted Facebook the worst company of the year didn’t just pick a reason for the whole thing but named many more causes that the social network somehow fails to address. Including its impact on young users, that is, as voters don’t think Facebook is doing anything important to improve on this front.

There’s so much the company can do in order to improve its image, and it could all start with a simple “I’m sorry.” Many of the 1,541 voters believe Facebook should just donate part of i… (read more)

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