Face/Off Remake Gets Godzilla Vs Kong Director Adam Wingard

Paramount Pictures has tapped Godzilla vs Kong’s Adam Wingard to direct the upcoming re-imagining of Face/Off, according to Deadline. Wingard will also co-write the script with his writing partner Simon Barrett (You’re Next).

A remake of this 1997 single-malt batty action flick is a tall and truly bizarre order since it will likely be difficult to outdo the original. For readers who have not yet experienced the unique film, you can check out our list of 23 things to know beforehand–but the cult classic where sworn enemies John Travolta (playing Sean Archer, and FBI agent) and Nicolas Cage (playing Castor Troy, a terrorist) exchange faces is a lot for anyone to wrap their minds around. Despite Face/Off’s potent mind-blowing capabilities for just existing in the first place, the film was a commercial success at the time, grossing $245 million worldwide. So, in some ways, it’s no wonder a remake will be attempted and the real question is why it has taken this long.

For Cage, Face/Off represents one of countless roles where the actor has demonstrated an innate ability to transcend expectations and the boundaries of even good taste–he is beyond brilliant in roles that are beyond dumb. It’s thanks to this that he has stayed busy and remarkably prolific, including a recent turn as Nicolas Cage playing Nicolas Cage on Netflix’s History of Swear Words. That film seems tame compared to The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, an upcoming 2021 film in which the actor plays himself as an inadvertent CIA informant against a drug kingpin.

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