F1 2021 Is Going To Be Much More Expensive In Some Regions This Year

Codemasters is once again at the helm of another Formula 1 game, with F1 2021 set to launch this July. But unlike its previous entries, it will be a lot more expensive in many regions.

Games have generally stuck to the same price for a long time, with the now recognizable $60 price tag for most big, new releases. In other countries, especially those with more developing economies, publishers sometimes choose to value games differently–as a means to improve sales or combat piracy in regions where direct currency conversion would put the game out of reach.

In the past, Codemasters’ F1 titles have seen this case-by-case strategy put into effect, with some prices being extremely reasonable. For example, F1 2020 cost ARS$ 650 in Argentina, the equivalent of $7, while in South Africa it cost ZAR 330, just over $23. With F1 2021, this pricing has skyrocketed. In South Africa the game will retail for ZAR 1000, nearly three times as much and well over $70 when converted. Similarly in Argentina, the game will now be ARS$ 3500, a 400% increase that converts to over $38.

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