Exodus Borealis Review (PC)

My current bottleneck seems to lie in cloth. I failed to set up fiber production early on, which means I have villagers that are not performing as well as they should. That means my defensive towers are not getting built quickly. It also makes it harder to expand my town and make sure that I have all the resources required to finally make steel. And, if efficiency issues did not suffice, there are angry monsters ready to challenge my tower setup, which is not as well designed as it should. Let’s survive the night and then we’ll see which of the problems should be prioritized.

Exodus Borealis is both developed and published by the wonderfully named Smug Marmot Studios. I played it on the PC using Steam. The entire experience mixes two pretty different genres: town and villager management with real-time tower defense.

The narrative setup concerns the power of the community and the challenges needed to establish a viable town. The adorable Vupfox run away from their h… (read more)

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