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Eternal Threads Review (PC)

Linda talks to her brother about their parents before he runs off to university. Raquel, Jenny, and Neil are involved in a bathroom incident. Tom and Ben have a conversation about the future. All six will die in a fire and only careful exploration of all events leading up to the catastrophe can save them. They are rarely interacting as a group, with plenty of conversations that feature just a pair or trio. So I need to haunt the timeline, watch as each reveals secrets, and try to find out what links them, before making decisions that will affect their ultimate fate.

Eternal Threads is developed by Cosmonaut Studios and published by Secret Mode. I played on the PC using Steam, but you can also pick it up on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. This is a narrative-driven experience with some light adventure game mechanics.

The future that the title envisions has seen the invention of time travel, which in turn led to catastrophic events for the world. The player becom… (read more)

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