Escape From Tarkov 12.10 Patch Notes Are Here

Escape From Tarkov update 12.10 should be arriving early next week, but for now preliminary patch notes have been published on the EFT forums. According to Battlestate Games, there will be no wipe associated with this update, but based on the patch notes, there are still some major changes players can expect–including the reintroduction of Steam Audio, which had been disabled due to bugs. New weapons and items will also make their way into the game, as well as updated voice acting for scav bosses and some quality-of-life changes, outlined below.

Steam Audio, a spatial audio tool developed by Valve, allows games to enable highly-detailed positional audio, which is important for a game like Escape From Tarkov, where being able to discern an enemy player’s location based on footsteps or gunfire, or register the audible clink of a grenade throw, can mean the difference between life and death. Bugs and other issues led Battlestate Games to disable the option for a while, but “after fixes,” it should be returning in update 12.10–whether or not it’s up to par will have to be determined by players in the coming weeks, but it’s a big highlight nevertheless.

One change many players will probably notice right away when the update goes live is the new voice acting for scav bosses Reshala, Sanitar, and Gluhar, which Battlestate Games teased in its TarkovTV live stream as “very spicy.” On the topic of audio updates, rain will also be 30% quieter.

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