EA Partners With Silver Rain Games For A Still Unannounced Project

Electronic Arts has announced that it has partnered with Silver Rain Games, welcoming the studio’s upcoming debut title into the expanding library of EA Originals. Silver Rain Games is an indie studio founded and now led by Abubakar Salim (who voiced Assassin’s Creed Origins‘ Bayek and currently portrays Raised By Wolves‘ Father) and Melissa Phillips (who previously worked as the BAFTA games program manager). Prior to EA’s announcement about the partnership, I had the chance to sit down with both co-founders.

“It speaks volumes–the fact that you can’t actually define the genre of what [EA Originals] has built,” Salim told me when I asked as to Silver Rain Games’ reasoning for wanting to partner with EA. “That’s the beauty of the art form of what they support and build. There’s a freedom that the EA and the Originals team bring that allows you as the developer to truly find the strengths and weaknesses of what you bring to the table. At the end of the day, it’s the developer’s game.”

Phillips said that “for now” Silver Rain Games and EA’s partnership is only in regards to this first game that the studio is working on, which is still unannounced. During the interview, both Salim and Phillips remained tight-lipped about the game. “We want to tell you; we totally want to tell you,” Phillips laughed after I jokingly admitted that, though I was trying my best, it was proving difficult to talk around a game that I knew nothing about.

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