Dying Light 2 Is Still Coming In 2021, Techland Confirms

After more than a year of silence, Dying Light 2 developer Techland has given a brief update on the game’s development, reiterating that the sequel will launch in 2021.

The development update has very little in terms of new information, with half of its runtime dedicated to a “developers read mean tweets” gag before a brief word from Techland regarding fans’ desire for new information. More is promised in the coming months, but the studio didn’t share anything regarding progress on the project today.

Instead, the update features a brief showcase of new gameplay, with short snippets and quick cuts showing off the dilapidated city you’ll get to parkour through, some of the new undead foes ready to tear you apart, and the waring human factions you’ll have to navigate around. The trailer ends with “2021”, suggesting that Techland aims to hit a release this year after delaying the game indefinitely.

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