Dungeons & Dragons New WarLock Tile Sets Add Dimension To Your Campaigns

WizKids has been elevating Dungeons & Dragons games with its miniatures and WarLock tile sets, which allow users to create custom dungeons and scenes for each D&D session. Now, WizKids has new expansions, a new set, and a slew of accessory kits to help you craft the perfect encounter.

Since the massive boom in popularity, due to the rollout of 5th Edition, WizKids has pumped out some great miniatures–like these horrifying Boneyard minis–but where the company is truly shining is with WarLock, its D&D tile set.

Five new expansions were released recently, along with multiple accessory sets to bring your scenes to life, and WizKids provided GameSpot with a few to check out. Four of these are expansions to previously existing tile sets to give your dungeons or buildings a bit more dimension. One is a brand-new set that will take your games to the city streets.

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