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Dramatic “Material You” colors arrive to desktop Chrome Canary builds

It looks like the beginning of Google’s color-changing “Material You” design language is finally coming to Chrome, at least in the canary builds. Redditor Leopeva64-2 spotted new flags in the latest nightly builds that will automatically recolor the Chrome UI based on what wallpaper you pick, just like Android.

If you want to try this yourself right now, you’ll need to grab yourself a copy of Chrome Canary and turn on two flags (paste these into the address bar): “chrome://flags/#customize-chrome-color-extraction,” and “chrome://flags/#ntp-comprehensive-theming.” Once those are turned on, picking a Chrome wallpaper from the “customize” button in the bottom right of the new tab page will also change the color of the tab bar. One more flag at “chrome://flags/#ntp-comprehensive-theming” will also apply these colors to the new tab page search bar.

Material You launched in 2021 with Android 12. In addition to a new set of guidelines for the sizes and shapes of UI components, Material You also came with an automatic color system. Android can automatically snatch colors from your wallpaper and apply that to the UI, with lots of algorithm magic to ensure zero contrast problems. It works great if you’re into a colorful UI, and it gives Android a unique look.

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