Doors of Insanity Preview (PC)

Offense or defense? Should I drop another companion on the field to take down enemy HP? Do I need to use my dice on the offensive or should I try to make sure that my hero receives no damage next turn? Which of the cards in my hand do I really want to use, and which can be sacrificed safely? Does the next set of doors feature another big battle, a health replenishment, or maybe a morality-tinged decision?

Doors of Insanity is being developed by OneShark, with Neon Doctrine handling publishing duties. The game can be bought on Steam in Early Access, with the team aiming to use feedback from players to improve the overall experience.

The game is a card-focused combat experience with a rogue element. Choose a hero, built a hand of cards and a specialization, find the best combinations of protection and damage to get past ever more capable enemies. The bosses, with extra hitpoints and some special abilities, offer the toughest challenge.

Once the hero dies players get… (read more)

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