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Don’t Miss the Early Bird Sale on the New REDMAGIC 7S Pro

REDMAGIC is back with another entry into their line of amazing gaming phones. The REDMAGIC S7 Pro is the latest device to be released, powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, a true full-screen display, the best cooling system on a gaming smartphone, and all the best gaming features, for an unrivaled gaming experience.

With specs that put this phone in the high-end gaming device category, the design sports a look that matches the gaming aesthetic. Staying true to the REDMAGIC theme, this phone has the tagline “Armored for Victory”. The REDMAGIC S7 Pro manages to incorporate all of the best features of mobile gaming, into one impressive device.

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REDMAGIC S7 Pro – Armored for Victory

Since this phone prioritizes performance, REDMAGIC made sure to include the powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 which results in a smooth user experience in every aspect. On top of that, a dedicated gaming chip called the Red Core 1 is included. The combination of these two chips makes for a next-level device that pushes Android gaming to its limits. It’s an all-around powerhouse of a phone.

Design options include SUPERNOVA, MERCURY, and OBSIDIAN. These options don’t only differ in color but have entirely different looks that are unique to each model.

REDMAGIC S7 Pro in SUPERNOVA [left], OBSIDIAN [center], and MERCURY [right].

With zero-throttling performance, you are getting the absolute maximum out of the included specs. With this system, a powerful cooling solution is included to keep your phone from getting hot during long gaming sessions. ICE 10.0
is the multi-dimensional cooling system in charge of maintaining cool temperatures. This uses ten layers of heat dissipation materials, along with a super quiet 20,000 RPM turbo fan.

While your games will certainly perform well with a setup like this, they’ll look even better with the new full screen no-notch display. At 6.8″, the 1080×2400 resolution display has a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. The selfie camera is hidden beneath the display for an interrupted viewing experience.

REDMAGIC S7 Pro options:

  • 12GB RAM + 256GB (OBSIDIAN)
  • 18GB RAM + 512GB (MERCURY)
  • 18GB RAM + 512GB (SUPERNOVA)

The 5,000mAh battery uses fast charge technology with a 65W capacity. This will keep you charged throughout the day as you enjoy many of the gaming-specific features like the double x-axis linear motor, the RGB gaming lights, the MAGIC GPU, and the 520 Hz shoulder triggers.

Launch Date and Early Bird Sale

The official launch of this phone takes place on the 26th of July, with orders beginning on August 2nd. In fact, if you place your order between the 2nd and the 9th, you can take advantage of early bird pricing!

Early Bird Sale Begins: August 2, 2022
Open Sales Begin: August 9, 2022

REDMAGIC 7S Pro Product Page

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