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Does the Apple iPhone 14 series have satellite connectivity?

The divide between the standard iPhone and the Pro models is wider than ever this year, with Apple keeping many marquee features exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. But there’s one feature that binds the new lineup together: satellite connectivity.

All four models in the iPhone 14 series feature basic satellite connectivity. We have been hearing rumors about Apple working on integrating the satellite connectivity feature into the iPhone since last year, and the feature is finally here with the iPhone 14 series. Of course, there are many limitations and caveats here. Nevertheless, Apple has achieved the feat of being the first to offer such a feature on a smartphone. So what does the satellite connectivity exactly do?

For now, not much. The iPhone 14’s satellite connectivity is basically a safety feature that lets you get in touch with emergency services when you find yourself stuck or lost without any cellular or internet connectivity. In such situations, your iPhone 14 can use a satellite connection to get a message out to emergency services. Apple calls this feature Emergency SOS via satellite.

How does Emergency SOS via satellite work?

A featured image showing iPhone 14's Emergency SOS via satellite feature

Using Emergency SOS via satellite requires that you’re in an open space with a clear view of the sky and horizon. The iPhone 14 will show onscreen instructions to establish a connection with a satellite. Once connected, you’ll be asked to answer a series of emergency questions to best describe your current situation. Your iPhone then starts a chat with emergency responders by sharing your Medical ID, emergency contact info, current location and elevation, remaining battery life, and the emergency questionnaire answers. In ideal conditions with a clear view of the sky, it can take 15 seconds to send a message. However, it can take more than a minute if you’re under trees with light foliage.

    Apple iPhone 14

    The iPhone 14 is powered by A15 Bionic chipset and offers improved cameras.

The satellite connectivity feature isn’t available on the iPhone 14 series at launch. It will be rolled out via a software update in November to users in the US and Canada. There’s no word on whether it will be expanded to other markets later on.

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