Destiny 2’s New Exotic Bow Is Great Fun, Once You Know How To Use It

Each new season of Destiny 2 has been accompanied by the introduction of a new Exotic weapon, and in the case of the just-launched Season of the Chosen, that’s the bow Ticuu’s Divination. It’s a fantastic new addition to the game, and something you should check out even if previous bows haven’t been your thing. But the key to having a good time with Ticuu’s Divination and making the most of it requires you to understand how it works and how to best use it.

Upon drawing Ticuu’s Divination, you’ll notice that it highlights multiple enemies near the center of your screen with red diamonds. That’s the first component of the weapon’s intrinsic trait, Sacred Flame, which launches tracking projectiles at multiple targets when hipfiring. Any marked enemies will then explode when they die or if they’re hit by a second Sacred Flame explosion.

The Causality Arrows trait adds a further wrinkle to this, causing Sacred Flames to detonate immediately when you fire an arrow while aiming down sights. Landing a precision hit with the bow fully charged increases the power of the blast. So in the early going, it seems as if the best way is to ensure you’re mixing in both hipfire shots and ADS shots, marking targets to turn them into walking bombs and then detonating with precision ADS. Against weaker enemies that aren’t in groups, marking seems unnecessary as a single precision ADS shot should do the job, but you won’t be treated to a colorful explosion if you don’t mark them first.

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