Destiny 2 Update Coming March 23 Will Help You Get Deep Stone Crypt’s Exotic Rocket Launcher

There might be a reason you haven’t been able to claim Destiny 2‘s Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic rocket launcher yet. The top-tier reward for clearing out the Deep Stone Crypt, Destiny 2’s newest raid, hasn’t been dropping with quite the frequency it should for players, but that’ll be fixed–along with the weapon’s damage output–in an update to the game slated for March 23.

Bungie detailed the issue in its This Week at Bungie blog post, which includes some information about changes coming with Hotfix One of those changes is to fix the bad luck protection in the Deep Stone Crypt raid, which will increase the chances of the Eyes of Tomorrow rocket launcher dropping for everyone who plays it but hasn’t yet received one. Bungie also acknowledged that the damage Eyes of Tomorrow does to enemies has been inadvertently lowered by another past update, and that’ll be fixed in Hotfix as well.

The drop rates for Eyes of Tomorrow is intentionally set low, encouraging players to revisit the Deep Stone Crypt raid week after week. However, the more times you clear the raid, the more you’re supposed to build up “bad luck protection” against missing out on the Exotic. Essentially, that means your chances of getting Eyes of Tomorrow are supposed to increase each time you clear the raid until, theoretically, your protection reaches 100%.

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