Destiny 2 Update Fixes Presage, Buffs Penumbral Blast; Read The Full Patch Notes

A new hotfix has hit Destiny 2 to fix a number of bugs, including incorrect rewards dropping from the Presage Exotic mission. Update also undoes a previous nerf to Warlocks’ Penumbral Blast and fixes a few issues with rewards from the Battlegrounds seasonal activity.

Bungie shared the complete patch notes for Update on its blog, which mostly fix a lot of minor irritations. Players who dove into the Harbinger Exotic mission last season have been annoyed that several Triumphs associated with it were bugged, but this hotfix knocks out those issues–so you can now get Triumphs like “The Lightbringer” for finding all of a week’s Penumbral Feathers in the mission, and “Birds of a Feather” for completing the mission with a fireteam of players using Hawkmoon.

Other fixed problems include players launching the Presage mission without its associated quests, which hampered their ability to make progress on them, and rewards not dropping from the mission when it was completed. Bungie also caught some problems with armor ornaments for various Exotic armor and weapons, and fixed the Ticuu’s Divination Exotic catalyst, which wasn’t progressing properly for some players.

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