Destiny 2 Trials Of Osiris Rewards This Week (Feb. 19-23)

The Season of the Chosen is in full swing In Destiny 2 with lots of new stuff to earn–the Trials of Osiris has a bunch of new rewards, and that’s on top of new Exotics like Dead Man’s Tale. As usual, we’ve got the full rundown of the rewards you can win and the Crucible map you’ll face for this weekend’s Trials of Osiris.

This season brings new loot to the Trials event, including new armor, weapons, and cosmetic items. This week’s Trials ends on February 23 with Destiny 2’s weekly reset on Tuesday, so you’ve got a few days to earn tokens and spend them on new gear from Saint-14.

Trials of Osiris Map And Rewards (February 19-23)

  • Map: Exodus Blue
  • 3 wins — Astral Horizon, Kinetic shotgun
  • 5 wins — Sola’s Scar, Solar sword
  • 7 wins — Hunter, Warlock, or Titan Gauntlets: Pyrrhic Ascent Grasps, Gauntlets, or Gloves
  • Flawless run — Igneous Hammer (Adept), Solar hand cannon

The Trials of Osiris is Destiny 2’s weekend competitive multiplayer event, running from Friday to Tuesday each week. It represents Destiny’s toughest challenge–your goal in Trials is to rack up as many victories as you can before you suffer three total losses, which forces you to reset your run. You’ll earn loot along the way as you rack up more and more wins, but the best rewards in the event come when you go on a winning streak of seven matches in a row–a “Flawless” run.

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