Destiny 2 Slaying Dragons Quest Steps For Iron Banner Season 12

The recurring Crucible event in Destiny 2, Iron Banner, has returned once again. That makes this another chance for some high-level competition where your Power level matters, but it also makes for an opportunity to continue making progress on Slaying Dragons.

Obtained from Lord Saladin, this season-long quest involves grinding away at various Crucible objectives in Iron Banner matches, so you’re only able to work on it during the weeks where Iron Banner is active. As of the weekly reset on January 5, Iron Banner is available for the second time this season. Read on for a complete look at what to expect from each of the six steps that comprise the Slaying Dragons quest.

Completing each one will earn you an additional piece of Season 12’s Iron Banner armor–updated versions of the Iron Will set capable of using new mods. Certain objectives are also retroactive, allowing you to make progress on subsequent steps even before you reach them.

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