Destiny 2 Patch Notes: Proving Grounds And Xenophage Quest Get Tweaked

After rebalancing Stasis abilities in last month’s major patch, this week’s latest hotfix for Destiny 2 focuses on a smaller number of issues that have begun cropping up. Destiny 2’s latest Strike, Proving Grounds, will no longer see players take advantage of an out-of-bounds exploit during that level’s boss fight. Bungie also noted that players will have to take on the Right of Proving from a more-even playing field.

In the Crucible, an issue where Heavy ammo spawned under the Distant Shore map in several game modes has been addressed, and another issue plaguing players attempting to solve the glyph puzzles for the Xenophage Exotic quest chain has been fixed. Hive Glyphs that needed to be shot with semi-auto, burst, automatic, or energy weapon variants weren’t responding correctly, but this problem has now been solved.

In terms of rewards, an issue where Guardian Games Ghosts were removed from inventory has been fixed and players who lost Guardian Games Ghosts will receive replacements when they log back into Destiny 2.

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