Destiny 2 Finally Removes The Most Annoying Dialogue In The Game

With the release of the Season of the Chosen, Bungie put out a big update to Destiny 2 that made several major adjustments and fixed a bunch of bugs. Not all those changes made it into the patch notes for Update 3.1.0, though–including one that removed an annoying bit of dialogue that’s been plaguing the game since it was first released.

That piece of dialogue comes from Suraya Hawthorne, the Clan vendor in the Tower, and plays every time you complete Hawthorne’s weekly clan challenge. In its This Week at Bungie blog, the developer noted that the dialogue has now been removed. Presumably, all Guardians are currently rejoicing.

The Hawthorne dialogue has been exactly the same since the release of Destiny 2, and even though three years of story advancements have come and gone since then, Hawthorne would still spend quite a while talking about players’ accomplishments from the conclusion of Destiny 2’s vanilla story campaign, the Red War. But the issue wasn’t just that Hawthorne’s dialogue hasn’t been updated in three years–it’s that you would hear it a lot.

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