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Delta Dental Insurance Silent on ‘Bizarre’ Video of Man in Hot Pants With a Shotgun, Declaring Independence From Delta Dental

A man stands in the bed of a pick-up truck, wearing cowboy boots, Daisy Dukes, and a graphic T-shirt of what looks to be a guy on fire with the American flag in the background. He holds a shotgun at a 45-degree angle. 

“Happy Independence Day, America,” the man says. “Freedom was brought to you by a bunch of guys with guns.” 

He continues, “We’re celebrating freedom from England,” and fires a shot into the air. He pumps the shotgun, and finishes, “and Delta Dental!” before firing another shot. The video ends. It goes viral.

It is very unclear what is going on in this video or what this man is seemingly mad about or celebrating. We reached out to Delta Dental’s Michigan branch for more info. 

“Thanks for reaching out and giving us a chance to address this,” a spokesperson said. “I will not, however, be commenting on this bizarre Twitter post.” 

Comments in reply to the video fangirl over the man’s outfit, but some point out the dangers of firing shots into the air. One user said the shot could travel 1.4 miles before coming down, possibly injuring or killing somebody. Not cool.

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