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Dbrand’s clever feature compromised the launch of its original Steam Deck case

The Project Killswitch Steam Deck case by dbrand was revealed at the top of the month. While it was supposed to receive a wide release a day ago, the company suddenly brought things to a halt without an explanation. dbrand made this announcement via Twitter and immediately received criticism for the last-minute pull. Thankfully, the company has now offered an explanation, announced its plans going forward, and made pre-orders available to all.

dbrand took to Reddit to explain why it pulled the release of its Steam Deck case, stating that it discovered a last-minute issue with the unit’s magnetic kickstand. While it had performed plenty of tests prior to the launch, even sending early units out to friends and journalists, it didn’t hear about the problem until it received feedback from editors of The Verge. Apparently, the magnetic kickstand was causing the fans on their units to slow down. After some back and forth, the culprit appeared to be a Delta fan found in older models of the Steam Deck. While Valve no longer uses the fan in its more recent models, dbrand explained that there really wasn’t a good way for consumers to determine what kind of fan was in their system. So, the reason why it halted sales to the public last minute was that it wanted to create a plan to rectify the issue going forward.

Steam Deck Project Killswitch

dbrand explained that the only part affected by any issue was the magnetic kickstand. Going forward, it will change from a magnetic connection on its kickstand to a mechanical interlock system. While it will take time, once the switch is complete, it will offer every single customer that has a magnetic kickstand, a replacement stand, and a case. It is doing a replacement for everyone in order to ensure that it is covering all its bases. As stated prior, it’s not really possible to know which fan is in a Steam Deck without cracking it open. Rather than have customers attempt to open their Steam Decks, the company will just replace all kickstands and cases. It also states that regardless of what fan you have in your console, it recommends not using the magnetic kickstand. Those that don’t want a replacement can ask for a full refund.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s dive in to see what makes the Project Killswitch Steam Deck case special. First, it offers a compact and sleek design that is also super thin. Despite its thinness, it offers military-grade impact protection. The additional travel cover also provides added protection for the screen. While the magnetic kickstand was a thing, in future iterations, the new kickstand will connect using a mechanical interlock system. dbrand has also hinted that other accessories could be made available in the future. Those that need more comfort and control will be happy to know that there is also an option for thumbstick covers that provide extra grip, along with textured grips for the side of the case. As you might expect from dbrand, it also offers its usual accessories for the console, like its screen protector and famous skins. If you can’t really imagine how all of this comes together, you can always check out the case installation video.

As stated above, the case is now available to order in two combo sets. The Essential kit that comes with the Project Killswitch case, kickstand, and skin for $59.95. There is also a Travel kit option that comes with all of the previously mentioned components but adds the Stick Grips and Travel Cover. The Travel Kit comes priced at $74.95. Those who pre-order the kits today can expect to have their order arrive sometime in the first quarter of 2023. Unfortunately, dbrand is not offering the components separately at this time, with the exception of the Stick Grips, which can be purchased for $9.95.

If you have yet to purchase a Steam Deck console and you’re interested, Valve has been doing an excellent job recently of getting the console into the hands of those that have pre-ordered. Valve is currently fulfilling orders for Q4, with deliveries taking place from September to December. Those that place their pre-orders now in the United States will still qualify to have their order delivered by the end of the year. This should also apply to most regions, with the exception of Canada, as the distributor has run into a small issue causing delays. Also, those in Asia are on a different distribution schedule, with the console set to launch in the near future. Those interested in the dbrand Project Killswitch Steam Deck case can now order it directly from the website using the source link down below.

Source: dbrand, Reddit

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