DayZ’s Patch 1.11 Is Out, And It Wipes All Player Progress

DayZ’s latest patch is now live, and while it doesn’t make a ton of changes to the core game, it wipes all progress on the game’s official servers as part of a “fresh start” for the game’s 2021. According to a blog post that accompanies the rollout of the patch, it focuses mainly on fixing bugs and improving the game’s performance.

For example, the patch improves the collision on zombies, such that they will no longer go inside player characters during hectic fights. Players will also find that attempting to get into a car will no longer teleport them to the roof of the vehicle instead. Various bugs affecting the game’s horticulture and fishing systems have also been stamped out.

The patch includes a number of other small fixes, including improved detection of area damage triggers like barbed wire and an increase in the number of mods that can be run by community servers. There’s also a new rifle that spawns at helicopter crash sites called the SVAL–which is apparently the Czech word for muscle–and it’s particularly nasty, so watch out for that.

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