Cyber-Noir Interrogation Game Silicon Dreams Coming to PC on April 20

Clockwork Bird is the name of the studio behind the quirky cyber-noir interrogation game called Silicon Dreams. Although it’s not the first game where you play the role of an interrogator, it’s the first one that gives me Blade Runner vibes.

Silicon Dreams lets players step into the shoes of an interrogator-model android tasked with identifying deviants among their own kind. The main objective is to probe for lies, monitor and exploit emotional spikes, earn the trust of subjects, and decide whether to release or destroy them.

It’s a pretty interesting loop that will have you rewarded whenever you manage to find the culprit or rightfully decide to let innocents go. But Silicon Dreams is not just a simply interrogation game, as you’ll be able to choose a side and either lie to your superiors and spare deviant android or condemn them to climb the ranks inside your corporation.

Equally important is the fact that Silicon Dreams has multiple endings that depend on the c… (read more)

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