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Cursed to Golf Review (PC)

I need to use my most powerful club to shoot as far as possible and, in the process, destroy a statue that will allow me to use two extra shots in my quest to reach the end of this purgatory golfing level. It’s hard making long shots work in this underground space, where TNT blocks some promising routes and there are low ceilings that can easily mess with my optimized trajectory.

This second shot of the level goes well, even if I land on the rough. But now I need to decide on whether I want to take advantage of some fans to move my ball forward or if the better idea is to use the wedge to get to another level and then try to get some extra shots by taking down another idol.

Cursed to Golf is developed by Chuhai Labs and published by Thunderful Publishing. I played via Steam on the PC, but it is also offered on the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox One, and older platforms from the two companies. The title combines some classic golf mechanics with interes… (read more)

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