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Curious Expedition 2: Shores of Taishi DLC – Yay or Nay

A lucky dice roll allows me to fool members of the Peacock tribe that I am a legendary figure, which makes it easier to get their help when needed. A bad roll means I am unable to domesticate a red panda, after I decide I don’t really want to hunt one. My expedition is trying to find a gold-plated pyramid but the teleporters that dot this island have not made that easy. I don’t have a ton of supplies left so I’d better focus on my target rather than chasing every potential point of interest.

Curious Expedition 2 – Shores of Taishi is developed by Maschinen-Mensch and again published by Thunderful Publishing. This is the second piece of downloadable content for the game, opening up access to a big new area for players to adventure in.

The Celestial Shores comes complete with new terrain and teleportation, designed to move the party between isles. The Peacock tribe provides native encounters and there are both six new enemies, including spirit-powered tigers, and six… (read more)

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