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Cult of the Lamb Preview (PC)

I lose half a heart of health as a giant worm leaps on my small lamb, but I get my revenge by slashing him down with my sword before I attack one of his cultist companions from a distance. The room is cleared, which nets me some gold and bones, and I wonder if I lost a little too much health to successfully deal with the coming boss.

Cult of the Lamb is developed by Massive Monster and published by Devolver Digital. I played the game via Steam on the PC, but it will also be available on August 11 on the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox Series X and S, the PlayStation 5, and older consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

After a deal with the devil of this universe the player controls a lamb, apparently the last of his kind, who is building a following as he seeks to bring his dark lord back from his imprisonment. This entails recruiting other cute animals to the cause of evil, interacting with them to set up tasks, and finding ways to develop a village where they can live and wo… (read more)

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