Crusader Kings III: Fate of Iberia Flavor Pack Arrives in Late May

If you haven’t yet picked up Crusader Kings III’s Expansion Pass, now would be a great time to get it. Although it’s a massive game, Paradox typically expands the series with numerous DLCs that add new regions and game mechanics, but the pricing of these new pieces of content is questionable.

The first major expansion for Crusader Kings III released back in February, Royal Court was priced at $30. Currently, the expansion pass is on sale for just $35 and includes access to two other pieces of new content Northern Lords and Fate of Iberia. The former was launched last month, while the latter has just been confirmed to arrive on May 31.

Fate of Iberia is a flavor pack rather than a full-fledged expansion like Royal Court, although it does bring a lot of interesting changes. According to Paradox, in addition to being one of the most played regions, the Iberian peninsula is interesting because of the complexity of the geopolitical situation, and the richness of the eve… (read more)

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