Cruella Is Literally On Fire In First Trailer For The Emma Stone Movie

Disney’s live-action take on the 101 Dalmations villain Cruella de Vil has finally received its first trailer. The film is set to release on May 28 and is yet to be rated.

The upcoming movie will dive into the origin of the woman who wanted to make a coat from the skins of over 100 puppies. Of course, the film will take place in London, and it looks as through Cruella has some competition for “most sociopathic person in the city.” Check it out below.

And yes, she sets herself on fire at a fancy party to reveal a non-flammable dress. But that’s pretty punk rock, right? Speaking of punk, according to Disney, the movie is set during the punk rock revolution of the 1970s and the film follows a grifter named Estella, who would eventually become Cruella, played by Emma Stone (La La Land).

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