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Core Keeper Preview (PC)

Core Keeper hits all the right words in its description: survival, open-world, crafting, exploration, and procedurally-generated. Although that should tell you a little bit about what Core Keeper is all about, it’s definitely a confirmation that it’s either good or bad.

I had a chance to spend several hours with the sandbox, survival base-building game and I was quite surprised by the variety of the gameplay features and the addictive formula. Core Keeper is developed by Pugstorm and it’s an Early Access title but trust me when I say that there’s a lot of content to go through even in this development state.

Although I can’t say I’m obsessed with having everything arranged in a certain way, I’m always looking for clean patterns when it comes to building bases in games. It’s true that you don’t get to appreciate the beauty of an outdoor landscape since everything is underground, but that leaves room for some unique base-building.

My first playthrough of Core Keeper… (read more)

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