Community Dedicated to Hot Monster Girls Deleted for ‘Fetish Material’

The Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki is slated to be deleted in two weeks for its fetish content, to the surprise of its contributors and creators.

The Monster Girl Encyclopedia (MGE) is a fan community for the works of manga artist Kenkou Cross, which has spun off into games, shows, and a huge amount of fan created content. The appeal of the Encyclopedia is simple—monster girls are hot—but Kenkou Cross’s simple catalog of different kinds of hot monster girls has since spun out into dozens of derivative works that expand on the lore of the universe as well as add more monster girls. Very few of these works have been licensed outside of Japan, let alone officially translated, so the wiki is very helpful to those curious about Monster Girl Encyclopedia.

Currently, the MGE Wiki, hosted on popular fan wiki host Fandom, is a repository of not just information about every Monster Girl in Kenkou Cross’s encyclopedia as well as a resource of where and how to access other works in the MGE universe, but a gathering place for fans of these often sexually charged or pornographic works. Fan communities often create porn or erotica based on the fiction they love, so it’s not surprising that one based on hot monster girls generates a lot of it. To this community’s surprise, last Friday, a pop-up appeared on the landing page for the wiki, saying that the entire wiki would be shut down on November 24.

“Fandom is removing wikis on topics that contain large amounts of sex, nudity, and/or fetish material,” the message from Fandom read. “Even if the wiki is kept ‘clean’ we are still unable to host it.”

Motherboard reached out to Fandom for clarification on this announcement and to ask if other wikis would be affected and they did not respond.

An administrator of the wiki, who asked to be anonymous over privacy concerns, said that they learned of the pending deletion at the same time that it was announced.

“I found out about the policy change when the notice appeared on the wiki. Didn’t get an email or anything of the sort,” they said. “I’m over it by now, anyways.”

Over on the Wiki’s message board, fans of Monster Girl Encyclopedia discuss their plans to migrate to a different wiki host, as well as wishing their fellow contributors farewell.

“It’s a shame that this wiki will close down soon, I had so much fun here for all these years of the time I spent here…. I have so many memories here which got me into Monster Girls, a lot than I originally thought,” one person wrote in a post titled “A Final Farewell”

“It is truly saddening to see such a great wiki be lost to the void of the internet, and while I do regret deeply that I did not discover MGE sooner, I am least glad I discovered it before it disappeared. I am also glad I met a lot of like minded individuals here, some whom I’d consider friends,” another post reads. “I only have one thing left to say: Farewell fellow monster girl lovers.”

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