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Comcast’s sneaky Broadcast TV fee hits $27, making a mockery of advertised rates

A Comcast service van seen from behind.

Enlarge / Comcast service van parked on residential street in Lafayette, California, September 28, 2021. (credit: Getty Images | Smith Collection/Gado )

The Comcast “Broadcast TV” fee that isn’t included in the company’s advertised prices is rising again, tacking as much as $27 onto the monthly bills of cable TV users. Comcast’s Broadcast TV and Regional Sports Network fees combined could add nearly $40 to a customer’s monthly TV bill after next month’s price hikes, all while Comcast advertises much lower prices than people actually pay.

“Comcast has started notifying customers and municipalities that it plans to raise video and Internet prices next month, including a whopping $7.35 a month increase for the Broadcast TV fee in one town,” a TV Answer Man article said on Saturday. The $7.35-per-month increase is in Taunton, Massachusetts, where Comcast said the Broadcast TV fee will rise from $18.65 to $26.

The Broadcast TV fee is rising from $24.95 a month to $27.25 a month starting on December 20 in Sandown, New Hampshire, a letter from Comcast to town government officials said. In Sandown, the Regional Sports Network fee is rising from $11.85 to $12.

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