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Citizen Sleeper Episode: FLUX DLC – Yay or Nay

A five, with my special character boost, will make it easy to get the food I need to get to the refugee ship to make sure no one starves. I also need to find some water and scrap for them. My Sleeper is in good condition and has plenty of money but, even with the special ability to re-roll dice, it might still be touch and go when it comes to the delivery of help to those who need it.

Citizen Sleeper Episode: FLUX is developed by Jump Over The Age and published by Fellow Traveller. I played this first piece of downloadable content on the PC using Steam, but it is also available on the Nintendo Switch, the Xbox Series X and S, and older consoles from Microsoft.

The story of the DLC focuses on a fleet of refugees that suddenly appear on the Eye and instantly create tension. There’s a quarantine, the station is under strain, and the people on the newly arrived Climbing Briar ship are in need. The Sleeper quickly meets Eshe, the campaign, and Peake, second in command, … (read more)

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