Cities: Skylines joins Google Stadia, goes free with Pro

As much as some corners would say there are no games on Google Stadia, the platform is doing a pretty good job at bringing new titles on a regular basis. This week’s edition of “This Week on Stadia” has a big hitter joining Pro, free trials to speak of and another Ubisoft game hitting the cloud.

The headline news belongs to Cities: Skylines, the epic world-builder from Paradox Interactive. Not only is it now finally available on Google Stadia for $40, but it comes with a 60-minute free trial to poke around in first. You don’t even need a Stadia account. Alternatively, if you subscribe to Stadia Pro — which, if you play Stadia regularly, you should — you can add it to your library for no extra charge.

Cities: Skylines isn’t the only piece of good news for Stadia players this week, though. Ubisoft’s support of the platform continues to grow and the latest from its back catalog to be ported over is Far Cry Primal.

A little different from the usual Far Cry experience, Primal puts you back in the Stone Age and mixes open-world exploration, survival, and combat.

Welcome to the Stone Age, a time of danger and adventure. Far Cry Primal lives at the intersection of innovative open-world gameplay, massive beasts, breathtaking environments, and unpredictable savage encounters. Play as Takkar, a seasoned hunter and the last surviving member of your group. There is one goal: survive in a world where you are the prey.

Far Cry Primal hits the Stadia store for $30 at 4 p.m. Pacific Time on May 17.

Also in the news is Nine to Five, a first-person shooter that has, until now, been in early access. The free-to-play 3v3v3 team shooter has seen a mixed response so far, but it does seem to have cross-play with PC at least. The 1.0 release sees new maps and game modes arrive, new weapons, extended progression, and more. A new multiplayer shooter is a bold move, so it’ll be interesting to see if the player count can stay high enough to make it a success.

Other tidbits of news include a free play weekend coming up for Dawn of the Monsters, and to celebrate Pac-Man hitting the big 40, there will be a celebratory sale taking 50% off Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle. This one is actually a lot of fun, so you might want to check it out when it’s down to just $10.

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