Circle Empires Tactics Review (PC)

The Prince is the core combat unit for any army, filled with upgrades and combat strength, ready to survive when going up against the toughest enemies. I tend to support him with souped-up spearmen and with mass-produced archers. The occasional knight, used mostly as a guided missile and designed to inflict a lot of damage, is a situational addition. I find archers decent sometimes, but I don’t put them on the field right away. My current choices make it easy to deal with most missions, but I need more strength to be able to challenge the final boss of this world.

Circle Empires Tactics is developed by Luminous and published by Iceberg Interactive. I played the game via Steam on the PC. This is an interesting take on strategy and tactics that delivers solid structure for both singleplayer and multiplayer matches.

The game features three factions: the Human Empire, an alliance between Orcs and Lizards, and the Wizards of Light and Darkness. Each comes with its own l… (read more)

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