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Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator Preview (PC)

It takes four precise cuts to fillet a sole, achieved by quickly pushing directional buttons four times. Once I have this piece of fish, I need to get a frying pan and two types of fat so that I can quickly put together a cooked piece, which I follow up by boiling some green beans.

A quick use of my chef sense ability allows me to perfectly season them. I put the dish together at the plating station. I even try to see if I have ideas on how to make it more aesthetically pleasing, but it’s too simple for much improvement.

I then move on to my salad, using some knife work to quickly prepare the ingredients. The clients seem happy, even if the execution is not perfect, but I fear that more complex dishes might overwhelm my video game cooking skills.

Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator is developed by Cyanide and published by Nacon. I played a preview version of it on the PC. The full title is set to arrive on February 2, 2023, and will be av… (read more)

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