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Cartel Tycoon Review (PC)

It’s not hard to grow opium. All you need is a well-placed farm and some people willing to move it to a warehouse. It’s also relatively easy to get it to a seaport and get money for it, not knowing who might get addicted when it gets to its destination or who might die to get it there. The big problem is to run the growing and export operation such as not to attract too much attention from law enforcement. Raids lead to seizures, which lead to loss of money and supply issues, which can quickly bring down an operation. And there’s no mercy when the drugs and money are now flowing.

Cartel Tycoon is developed by Moon Moose, with publishing in the hands of tinyBuild. I played it on the PC using Steam. The title delivers some fairly classic management mechanics, allowing players to create their own drug-fueled empire.

Apart from a well-crafted tutorial, the game offers two story driven campaigns. Needs and Fear offers the normal challenge, with clearly defined objective… (read more)

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