Call Of Duty Issues Statement On Warzone Hacking And Anti-Cheat

Call of Duty’s problems with hackers, especially within the series’ battle royale spinoff Warzone, were underscored this week when high-profile players threatened to drop the game if anti-cheat measures weren’t strengthened. Now, Call of Duty has issued a statement promising more action against hackers in its games, as well as more transparency on the studio’s ongoing battle against hacking.

Player complaints about hacking have stepped up in 2021, with YouTuber Vikkstar saying “Activision isn’t addressing how many hackers there are in the game,” in a video on the subject. Vikkstar also pointed the finger at members of Facebook Gaming’s Level Up program who were streaming hacks and cheats on the platform. Facebook has since said that cheaters’ channels would face demonetization, though it stopped short of promising to remove them from the platform.

Now, an update on the Call of Duty website has gone over the anti-cheat measures that already exist, while also promising efforts would be stepped up. “Today we banned 60,000 accounts for confirmed cases of using cheat software in Warzone, bringing our total to date of more than 300,000 permabans worldwide since launch,” the blog post reads.

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