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Browservio is a speedy WebView-based browser with a built-in ad blocker

One of the great things about Android is the ability to choose a different default browser. You have the most popular option in Google Chrome, along with other Chromium-derived ones like Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, and more. However, if you have a cheaper (or older) device, you may find the top picks unsatisfactory and memory-hogging.

Luckily, several third-party browsers are designed to be as fast as possible, squeezing every bit of performance out of whatever hardware they’re running on. Browservio​ by XDA Senior Member tipzrickycheung is one such browser, and it offers many useful features. Not only is the app free and open-source, but it also uses Android’s built-in WebView component as its backend to keep the footprint low.

On any modern Android version, the WebView module is automatically updated through the Play Store. Of course, there are a few differences between a WebView wrapper and a browser written on the foundation of Chromium’s Blink engine, but you probably won’t be able to tell. Browservio isn’t merely a wrapper, though, as it has all the essentials for a regular user. You can turn on the desktop view for individual sites, opt for tabbed browsing, and even switch between light and dark modes. Ad blocking and the Do Not Track features are also available.

Browservio main page
Browservio options
Browservio about

Browservio packs in quite a few advanced features as well. For example, there is an option to define a custom user agent while accessing a webpage. You can also disable JavaScript content to see what a site looks like without all the moving parts.

Here’s a rundown of the features offered by Browservio​:

  • Multi-tab (Android 5.0+)
  • App Shortcuts (Android 7.1+, requires supported launcher)
  • Desktop mode and custom UA support
  • History records
  • Favorites
  • Ad Blocker and Do Not Track feature
  • Search suggestions
  • Better error page

If you’re looking for a lightweight browser to try out, do give Browservio a shot. You can find the latest version on the project’s GitLab repo or grab the APK directly from the forum thread linked below.

Browservio: XDA Download and Discussion Thread || GitLab Repo

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